Rain Down 2016

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All pioneers like Moses endure as seeing him who is invisible.  Only they who fix their eyes on the invisible One can reach the goal of their endeavour.  God grant us today that in the walk of faith and trust we may press on and on knowing that we shall succeed if we faint not. 

We’re on the way to a great discovery.  The people of Alberta will be recognized the world over.  I’m most anxious that our people may be worthy of the respect and admiration that will surely be yours.  You must bear the torch of practical Christianity to a sin-cursed world – that’s your problem, that’s your responsibility.

Premier William (Bible Bill) Aberhart, August 23, 1936

Alberta is a land with a rich spiritual inheritance. Early missionaries as well as thousands of God-fearing pioneers sowed their faith deep into the prairie soil.  Premiers “Bible Bill” Aberhart and Ernest Manning built upon this righteous foundation by preaching the uncompromised gospel to the whole nation every Sunday for over 30 years on their Back to the Bible radio broadcast.  Because of these faithful men and women, Alberta has stood as a standard bearer for righteousness in our nation and has rested under a canopy of God’s favour and blessing.

If there was ever a time that Canada needs to hear the call to come “Back to the Bible” it is now.  And as we mark the 80th year since Premier Aberhart’s prophetic declaration over the destiny of our province, we believe the Spirit of God is calling to the Church of Alberta to raise up the age-old foundations and carry the torch of practical Christianity to the lost world around us.

But first we need the rain of His presence to awaken the fire of first love in our own hearts.  This August 18-20, the Lord is calling the family of believers in Alberta to gather in Edmonton to worship and wait on Him as we cry out for the rain of His presence to fill our province once again!